Stories of the Week told in TF2 Kill Notices

While maybe not the best way to describe the new Halo Reach trailer I did notice that the commander and the “sexy?” blue armor lady spartan did have European accents. So while maybe not dominating Halo Reach it’s nice to see that the UNSC SPARTANS are from all around the world even if they are all cliches.

Watch the Halo Reach Trailer here.

Modern Warfare 2’s  Title Update fixes the Javelin Glitch. Looks like the fun’s over guys time to find the next game.

Major Nelson Twitter
[Twitter Via G4TV TheFeed]

Now for some appropriately themed TF2 kill notices


Valve started there newest free update for Team Fortress 2 with a War between the Blue Soldier and the Red Demoman because of there friendship.

As the announcer reminded all of her employees
Friendship ends in one day

Currently the Soldier is in the lead by about 300,000 kills but at this point the war could still go to either side and which ever side wins gets a super secret not yet known weapon.

Also check out the propaganda poster contest here

One of my most look forward to games Mass Effect 2 seems to have captures an amazing voice cast including old voices like Seth Green and Keith David. Also new talent like “Chuck”(Chuck was one of my all time favorite shows)  stars Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin, also Carrie-Anne Moss Trinity from “The Matrix” and many more.

Check out Meet the Stars of Mass Effect 2 here

If I missed anything or if there are any story’s you think should be in the Kill Notices for next week feel free to leave a comment and I will be sure to read them all.

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Stories of the Week told in TF2 Kill Notices

Dan and I come back for a third week in a row to bring you some of the weeks best gaming stories in our awesomist of the awesome formats. STORIES OF THE WEEK TOLD BY TEAM FORTRESS 2 KILL NOTIFIERS.


The Black Friday deals have been crazy awesome. The Steam THQ deal was my favorite which nearly doubled the size of my steam game list and only cost $50. Much better deal than Modern Warfares $60 if you ask me


Desert Bus raises $135,417.94 for playing a game of driving a bus through the desert for 135 hours.

Penny Arcade releases their v1.0 Launch Polo on First Party. A quote from First Parts Mission Statement:

“Since the Commodore 64 and the 8-bit era, we’ve grown up jumping over barrels, collecting rings and blowing into cartridges. 20 years later, we climb corporate ladders, jump through hoops and handle red tape. Our goals have changed but we have not, so while we need clothes that help us get where we want to go we would still like to show who we already are.”

Any one want to buy me a few?


WoW’s 5th Anniversary. ‘nuf said


Bioware gets 5 millions users on it’s


Happy Birthday Xbox! Wow time flies, the 360 hits its 4th anniversary with no signs of slowing down.



If I missed anything or if there are any story’s you think should be in the Kill Notices for next week feel free to leave a comment and I will be sure to read them all.

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The Best of Left 4 Dead 2: Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday, here are my picks for the Best Rolling Crescendo, Finale, and Campaign in L4D2. Enjoy!

Rolling Crescendo

The Screaming Oak

Best: Dark Carnival’s “Coaster”

The Roller Coaster was the most fun I’ve had in Dark Carnival, besides the Finale. After coming out of the boring gallery shooter that was the Tunnel of Love, Ellis screamed out “Hey, It’s the Screaming Oak!”. After healing, I looked up to wonder what he was talking about. And lord behold, I shat my pants in excitement. A ROLLER COASTER! As we jumped over the fence to a maintenance boarding section, Nick said “Alright folks, looks like we’re gonna have to run the track to get over the fences.” What Ellis said next perfectly captured my state of mind: “You mean we get to run the Screamin’ Oak and shoot zombies? This is the best day ever.” What followed next was a combination of decapitation, screams, and adrenaline (both in-game and literally). I don’t think I have to elaborate on that much more.

Runner Up: Dead Center’s “Gun Shop”

The Gun Shop got second place simply because it’s the most creative of the Rolling Crescendo’s, but doesn’t pack the punch or awesomeness of the Coaster. Normally the rolling crescendos in L4D2 involve your running from A to B, but this one was a bit different. First, you are tasked with delivering the cola to the gun shop owner, who will blow up the tanker blocking your path to the mall. The cola itself is not a held on back item, you actually have to hold it. This means one of your team mates is vulnerable from the moment they grab the soda in the store to the moment they are franticly running up the street to delver the cola to the gun shop owner. With the addition of melee fatigue in campaign mode, the event is made that more exciting and frantic. Continue reading

Stories of the Week told in TF2 Kill Notices

First up are these weeks gaming TF2 kill notices

EA closes down Pandemic Studio which they had only just bought in 2007. Nick Earl, EA Games Label Senior Vice President, wrote in a memo on Kotaku “I want to make it clear that the Pandemic brand and franchises will live on… In the months ahead, we will announce plans for new games based on Pandemic franchises.”

Major Game Release this week:

Two AAA titles came out this last week although Assassins Creed 2 has been pushed back for the PC version.

Modern Warfare 2 sells 5 million copies in the first 24 hours so by now we can only guess  how many they have sold.

Update: Modern Warfare 2 has made $550 million! so far!

New Super Mario Bros. came out and secured it’s self a nice shiny red box for the Wii. Although Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said “We’ve been clear that this is kind of a one-time deal,” “Don’t expect to see a yellow box for x or a gold box for y.”

If I missed anything or if there are any story’s you think should be in the Kill Notices for next week feel free to leave a comment and I will be sure to read them all.

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A Gentlemanne’s Review of Left 4 Dead 2: Part 1

In the first part of this three part review i shall be reviewing the first three of the 5 new campaigns of Left 4 Dead 2. In the second half I will talk about the last two campaigns and realism mode, and in the last part I will cover the different game modes, and any last thoughts I have about L4D2.

Left 4 Dead returns exactly one year later with all the zombie killing fun of the first game, plus a bit more. When jumping into L4D2’s first campaign, Dead Center you can tell right of the bat it is a new game, partly because there is a baseball bat sitting there right in front of you. The addition of melee weapons is one of the many obvious additions to the game, along with new weapons, adrenalin, and new ammo types, but these things alone do not merit a new game. The five new campaigns do though and prove them selfs as a new experience with different game play options and great level design. The inclusion of a storyline that followed the four characters was great as it was nice to see how all the chapters fit together was nice.

Dead Center Prices Aren’t the Only Thing Getting Slashed

Dead Center Hotel

Not even housekeepers are safe from the zombies

Coach, Rochelle, Nick and Ellis seem to have just met while running for an evacuation helicopter on the top of a hotel. This is one of the few points in the game where there are no primary weapons present and you must fight your way through the hotel with pistols and melee weapons. The first chapter of this campaign i feel is the high point of Dead Center. The building is on fire cutting of hallways and forcing you to run along the balcony’s of the hotel. Once you fight your way to the elevator the 4 characters take the time to introduce them selfs to each other. At the bottom floor once the doors open you engulfed with smoke as the floor is almost completely ablaze. Burning zombies are running at you from every direction falling over dead before they reach you.
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The Best of Left 4 Dead 2: Part 1

I’ve had time to play the entire game in Campaign mode, and now it’s time for me to offer my thoughts in a two part article. And now, The Best of Left 4 Dead 2.


Uncommon Common

Best: Clowns

Clowns are creepy. And in this game, they are creepier. The ominous squeaks of the clowns in the darkness of the carnival grounds only get creepier. And not only that, they actually serve a game play purpose. The squeaking attracts lingering infected, bringing more to your location. This fun mechanic, combined with the populations distrust of clowns are what help make this UCC fun.

Runner Up: Mudmen

The Mudmen of Swamp Fever are the runners up here. The knee high water in many areas are perfect for concealing Mudmen, and scared Brad and I several times while we played through the campaign. The too have a game play purpose, similar to a boomer. When they hit you, mud blocks your vision and takes a few seconds to fade. While this won’t bother most players, it gets a bit intense when you’re surrounded by a horde with several of these guys attacking you, making the mud appear constantly, and almost never fade. Combined with the fact that they run fast and down low, you are at higher chances of missing them, which makes them all the more fun and atmospheric.

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