My Prediction’s for 2010

Now that 2009 is done in some country’s and soon to be done here on the west coast I think it’s time i throw down some of my gaming predictions for 2010.

  • Prediction 1: Half Life 2 Episode 3

will not come out… BUT! I do predict that it will be announced before 2011 if that will be at E3 2010 or some where else is anyones guess, but I’m guessing we will get some sort of information on it. This might just be wishful thinking but I’m really not hoping for a nuke nukem. Come on Vavle!

  • Prediction 2: Star Wars: The Old Republic

will not come out. It does not have a release date yet but I think it wont come out till early next year.

  • Prediction 3: Star Craft 2

will be pushed back. I don’t know if it will be pushed back into 2011 but it will be pushed back at least one more time. When a game gets a graphics overhaul before it comes out you know its been in development for to long.

Prediction 4: Xbox 360

The xbox 360 will receive a redesign before 2011. Natal will not be coming out this year.


Prediction 5: Duke Nukem Forever

no comment.

Yeah a bit light on the predictions but then again it’s not like I’m a notable news source anyways. I can be as wrong as I want and no one cares.


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