Post 2

I have one post which is by far my favorite blog post I have written on any blog. The main purpose of this blog was so I could post my tales of D&D but recently I have not really had a chance to play any D&D. So I figured i could start writing about other things things i love, like video games and other kinds of games. City 18 if no one knows is a reference to Half-Life 2. Gordon Freeman (protagonist) starts out in a city called City 17 so I figured there must be a City 17 and probably a 18.

Dr Breen

Dr Breen

Although City 17 is known to be one of the better off city’s in the Half Life universe because Dr. Breen decided to use it as his base of operations as the self proclaimed negotiator between The Combine race and the human race. Although then again the combine are not a race but a mixture of alien, synthetic and human but are more truly a multidimensional empire.

As long as we are on the topic of multidimensional empires i would like to think of this blog as a as a multidimensional empire, covering more than just the topics of Video Games. I might divulge into topics of comics, card games, art, movies, and more or less anything interesting me and all of geekdom. If you expect a unbiased view on video games and previews of the next greatest thing this is probably not the greatest place to be looking. Not that I wont talk about them its just that my opinions will be, well… opinions. I do how ever suggest you go check out although honestly if you didn’t already check it on a daily (or hourly for me) basis you probably aren’t a hardcore gamer. Not that you have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy this blog either.

I could keep talking about all the things I plan to do with this blog but you the reader probably aren’t interested on what I plan to do and maybe on slightly more interested in what I really do. I will try not to break the 4th wall as often as I am right now because just in my reader experience it can get a little annoying. But as long as I am breaking this 4th wall I will go out of my way to say “Hi guys! how are you all doing today?”

Look forward to the next update which I promise will be sooner than this one compared to the last D&D post.